Karina Harris is on Periscope

Periscope announces new web url today!Karina Harris on periscope http://www.periscope.tv/karinaharris

Periscope just announced today they now have Web based profiles. You still need to download the app periscope on your phone to broadcast but can view webased. You can now follow me on periscope phone app @karinaharris or now Web based.

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Rise and Shine Lifestyle Entrepreneurs!

karina harris lifestyle entrepreneur

Rise and Shine Lifestyle Entrepreneurs!

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KARINA HARRIS Sharing the LOVE Today!

KARINA HARRIS Ionic Glacial Sea Mud Soap http://www.karinaharrisorganics.com  https://www.karinaharris.com

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WIN & Experience with Karina’s Club

KARINA HARRIS - THE LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEUR - ORGANIC SKIN CARE https://www.karinaharris.com & http://www.karinaharrisorganics.com

Now is your chance to EXPERIENCE & WIN. ADVENTURE how you can Design Your Life & Living with Passion! Come join in on our live event to learn about KARINA HARRIS products with organic exotic ingredients from around the world and Karina’s Club & Karina’s VIP Club for savings & building a business with a simple plan with just the internet and cell phone.

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KARINA HARRIS 4th of July FREE Gift & Shipping Special

Get your FREE gift & FREE Shipping Now at www.KarinaHarrisOrganics.com

karina harris 4th of july special

Visit the main website for KARINA HARRIS www.KarinaHarris.com to subscribe for more special!

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Celebrating new products by KARINA HARRIS Organic Skin Care & More


Karina harris organic skin care special http://www.KarinaHarrisOrganics.com

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Weekend Recap: The Age-Old Secrets Behind Karina Secrets Skin Care + a Giveaway!

Weekend Recap Aug 23

A lot of really valuable and insightful information has been going up there all week, predominantly about the formulation and care that has gone into the KARINA HARRIS organic skin care line and just how versatile it really is!

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KARINA HARRIS – Organic Skin Care has Launched — Get a FREE Gift When You Spend $50


I would like to share and celebrate a milestone of my career and my life with you — KARINA HARRIS.

KARINA HARRIS is all about taking control of your health, beauty, and lifestyle. Part all-natural skin care line and part high quality, pure mineral makeup line under the umbrella of a truly innovative business opportunity designed for success. I am so thrilled to finally be able to show you all what I’ve been up to and everything that is in store!

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