Working from home in your pajamas on your home business is what may people dream of doing.

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur and working at home in your pajamas isn’t always a good thing… at least not all the time.

As a home business owner you have to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of always being at home working on your business in your pajamas day after day.

Working from home in pajamas.  Hi there, it’s Karina Harris, the global lifestyle entrepreneur. And today I want to give you another little tidbit about being a lifestyle entrepreneur. And actually what I’m going to talk about today is kind of down side of a lifestyle entrepreneur. You have to be careful so you won’t make this mistake.

Now a lot of people think of when you have a passive residual income from using the system, leveraging the internet and making a lot of money that the glamour of working from home if you will, that you set in pajamas all day. And next thing you know that one day turns into two days and then three days sitting on a computer all the time. Don’t make that mistake. Actually I’m guilty of doing it, i’ve did it before.

Sometimes it’s three days later and I’m still in my pajamas. And that’s when I get a shower. It’s so cozy to get back in that pajamas again. But it’s kind of put you in a wrath of not getting out and refresh your mind and get rejuvenated. And have the energy from other people.

So don’t get in that ” I work from home thing in my pajamas all day with a laptop “. Honestly, it’s not good for you. You can’t think well, you need fresh ideas and make new relationship and you need that human interaction. Now grant it, I’m here at the beach and I barely put my shoes on for a week but have that balance. When your working from home try to still get out, be active, interact with people.

Don’t get that mode of thinking working from home means pajamas and laptop because it can become a little bit of a habit. Be careful of that. Anyways, I hope that helps and I look forward in helping you become the best lifestyle entrepreneur.

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